“Give Me Hope” at Usa River Arusha

This is the cry of disadvantaged or orphaned children who need to be cared for and need a smile. So that they may have a future full of hope. As they are left without parents and no one who cares much about them. We the Holy Spirit Sisters have heard such a cry and we want to make a home for them.

As a goal for this project, we want to help these children. These children are left behind by their parents who died of HIV/ AIDS, others come from difficult family situations with disabled parents and alcoholism. We want to begin with 50 children as a sign of gratitude to God for “50” years since the community was founded.

We realize there is a need to construct a house to provide them a sense of safety and meaning in their lives. The centre will be known as, “Give Me Hope”.  We are trying to avoid orphanage for it will have impact to them. The projects includes the house of sister who will take care of them, Hostel which will accommodate people in order to support the children, and their house which they   live and be able to say “this is our home”. Later we may introduces classes if we get support. We still work for the fund, we have the land with  title Deed ,  and our side we shall try to put much energy in order to rescue their lives.

Teir hostel is now under construction. The sustainability of this project will be through small income generating projects including gardening of variety of vegetables. Hostel for the volunteers and small contributions.










The Holy Spirits Sisters.

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